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About Restaurant Magic Business

Established in 2018, Restaurant Magic Business (RMB) is a global provider of exceptional Staff Training, Memorable Experience, and Guest Entertainment services for the hospitality industry. From comprehensive staff training to innovative guest entertainment solutions, RMB helps restaurants and hotels achieve success. With a wealth of expertise and experience, RMB is committed to delivering unforgettable experiences that keep patrons coming back for more.

Restaurant Magic Business the industry leader in providing exceptional Staff Training, Memorable Experience, and Guest Entertainment services worldwide. As a subsidiary of Tommillusions Entertainment Pte Ltd, RMB partners with top professional entertainers and speakers to create unique and unforgettable guest experiences, while equipping your staff with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. But that’s not all – with innovative marketing and business solutions through the use of magic, we can help you create buzz, drive traffic, and engage your target audience like never before. At RMB, we’re committed to helping your establishment flourish. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business succeed.

Why did we start RMB?

Since 2018, with a mission to revolutionize the restaurant industry. We raise the standard of service excellence, support restaurant growth, and elevate staff professionalism through effective marketing and business solutions utilizing magic. Our parent company, Tommillusions Entertainment Pte Ltd, secures professional entertainers and speakers to provide staff training and unique guest experiences. We are committed to empowering the restaurant industry and delivering exceptional service to our clients.


  1. Foster long-term partnerships that benefit everyone involved
  2. Passionate about helping restaurants achieve their full potential by providing exceptional service and fostering a strong sense of community within the industry.
  3. Committed to raising the level of expertise and skill of restaurant staff through training programs

Who is RMB and what we do we do?

We are a team of full-time restaurant magicians and independent business experts working together under a national brand to cultivate prosperous relationships with independent and chain restaurants. Our goal is to create bottom-line revenue and value for all parties involved. We achieve this by qualifying, training, and certifying each of our skilled performers to set new standards of professionalism and quality in professional magic interactions. We also thoroughly vet and select the best possible matches for each local market, educating restaurant management and staff to ensure a seamless partnership

Restaurant Magic Business offers more than just entertainment, we also provide our partner restaurants with proven magical marketing techniques that produce tangible results. As a Singapore brand, we are committed to delivering delightful experiences while also helping our clients increase their bottom line.

How does RMB train restaurant staff?

Restaurant Magic Business offers comprehensive and relevant training programs that cater to the needs of modern restaurant staff. From new hire orientation to monthly team meetings, our content is designed to engage and educate. We work closely with each restaurant to ensure that the level of training is customized to their specific needs, providing the highest possible value.

How does RMB work with entertainers?

We offer weekly performance opportunities for professional and qualified magicians to showcase their high-level performance skills to potential clients. As a national organization, Restaurant Magic Business (RMB) has the capacity to approach the highest quality restaurants and provide them with the highest quality magicians. Our aim is to benefit magicians and help them grow their careers while delivering exceptional guest entertainment to our partner restaurants:

  • RMB provides weekly performance opportunities for professional, qualified magicians to showcase their high-level performance skills to potential clients.

  • RMB guarantees the highest quality magicians to the highest quality restaurants, thanks to its national reach and resources.

  • Magicians benefit from RMB by being able to perform in the best restaurants in their town, receiving fair compensation that matches their value, and presenting themselves to a level of clientele that aligns with their career objectives.

The Goals at Restaurant Magic Business for our partner performers are:

  • Increase the frequency of local performances.
  • Perform at a venue that aligns with their personal brand.
  • Interact with a larger number of people on a regular basis.
  • Secure additional bookings for external shows.

How is RMB growing?

Restaurant Magic Business is rapidly expanding its reach by partnering with restaurants nationwide..

  • Our expansion efforts allow us to offer more specialized services in specific markets.
  • We are committed to increasing the bottom line for all of our partner restaurants across the country.
  • We help our quality food service providers stand out through unique and effective marketing strategies.
  • We provide our growing team of top-notch entertainers with consistent performance opportunities.
  • Our focus on empowering staff helps create positive and memorable guest experiences.

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